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A basic banner made for Green Productions 2013.

The history of Green Productions is fairly long, but we're not talking about a year like 2007 or 2008 here. It actually starts at the summer of 2010 as another production and eventually evolves to its present state. Through the time it has developed a lot and some people can't even recognize the productions, but it's a fact - it has been getting better and better by the day...

We can classify the history in 3 main periods - 1 of them is regarding the cheat making industry, while the other two focus more on entertainment and Club Penguin comedy. You can find more information about them if you scroll down this page.

Before Green ProductionsEdit

Greenocool picture

A photo that Greenocool used for his YT profile throughout 2010.

Greenocool, the creator of the production studio, created his Club Penguin account on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2009) and he started exploring the world of Club Penguin. He registered on YouTube (by the account name Greenocool10) on May 17, 2010 and it wasn't until a month later that he started posting videos. Before finally making a decision to create a channel, Green watched videos of other penguins on YouTube and he got very impressed with some of them. His favourite penguins were Oscar One, Minybuddie, Dq231, Tazboi, etc.

During the months of April, May and June there were several tests made by Green in an attempt to make a video. The ideas were given to him by his sister in real life. He decided to use CamStudio so he downloaded it and watched a sample video so he can be able to use it. Then, he finally recorded one video about secrets in Penguin Storm and decided to upload it. No one noticed much, except 1 or 2 penguins. He got a few subscribers within the first few weeks and even a comment or so.

This was all very exciting for him. He felt very excited from all the feedback he got, so he created a part 2 of the video. Later on, he thought of a 3rd part so he gave it a try. Each of the parts got a bit noticed, over the months they reached 100 views, but not many commenters and likes were present. Nevertheless, Green didn't care about the views much back then. It's hard to believe that he thought 100 views were A LOT back then. Kind of funny.

Greenocool10 Production(s)Edit

Greenocool10 productions

The picture of the very first intro for Greenocool10 Productions.

There isn't an official date when Greenocool started making just videos about cheats, but a good guess might be June 24, 2010 - the same day the most popular video of his was posted entitled How to get any item for free! and it also featured the first ever intro included in addition to his videos. It was a very basic picture of his pengu in on green font and the name of the studios.

At the beginning Green was focused more on helping penguins by showing them tricks and secrets he has learned from others or by investigating by himself. Most of his first videos were also inspired by other penguins because he didn't have many ideas what to do. Even though they weren't very original, some got fairly popular. Some of them include Panfu VS Club Penguin a poll, Proofes of giant squids in Club Penguin a video about secrets. The first video series Green started were actually the Club Penguin Armies where he recorded Club Penguin armies waddling around the island. They were a big group of penguins wearing the same clothes and this eventually became something Green was interested in.

He also immediately started the series Epic Fails which unfortunately (as of 2013) lasted to only 2 episodes being made. The more long-lasting were the Tricks by Greenocool which included 4 or 5 episodes, where in each one a new trick was presented. Some of them got deleted over time though.

Soon, the first few videos about catalogs cheats were presented to the audience of fans and they were somewhat popular. By the time 2010 ended, Greenocool had made huge progress! It all started when he wanted to change Movie Maker with something better. He obviously had a lot of problems with the basic editor, so he downloaded Sony Vegas Pro 9 because he heard about it from a friend of his. By October (the same year) he had already created his first ever HD video. It was pretty long and it was about the Halloween Party in Club Penguin. In November some of his videos were pretty big hits for the time. He reached more than 200 or 300 views on some of them.

The video How to get an account for the Club Penguin Chinese version has more than 800 views as of today. Some cheat videos got more than 300 views, too. Green created some videos for fun and he didn't even know that they would get popular in the future. Club Penguin Steal Clothes Glitch is the second most viewed of his videos - more than 50000 views. Green loved testing new stuff - he was constantly looking for a new recorder or video editor at the time. He soon downloaded an improved version of his previous recorder and Sony Vegas Pro 10. His second ever intro and the official one of his was created at the end of 2010. For 1 year, Green made a lot of progress. It was huge because he had made nearly 100 subscribers already, had more than 5000 views and a lot of fans and friends, too. The intro he created was used for the following 2 and a half years.

Greenocool Production(s)Edit

Greenocool profile picture 2

This profile picture was made for Greenocool by Retrochip123.

Something not so pleasant happened to Greenocool10 Productions in the beginning of 2011. It was a whole new year and new plans were made for the future, but the disaster happened around March 4, 2011. The day before that Greenocool10 last logged in on his penguin account, where he was waddling around Club Penguin and having fun with friends. The next morning he found out his account has been suspended (in other words - banned) forever. The news were devastating, in fact Green didn't believe it at first. He re-tried several times, but the message was clear Banned Forever.

Green wrote to Club Penguin, but they responded that they needed parent assistance. Green's dad in real life wrote to the team and asked them for help and explanation on the case. After a week or so, they sent him a letter where they listed all the information about the 5 bans Greenocool had had until the present moment. The 6th one did its job perfectly, leaving Greenocool in a big depression. His account was hacked and he couldn't have done nothing about it. He felt sad because even though he was in Club Penguin for only a year and two months, he still had managed to collect a number of items (that would later on become rare).

Some time passed; to be exact - 2 months for Green to decide to change something. He created a new account the same day he lost his old one. He collected some items and stuff, but just didn't feel like playing the game anymore. He had to face the facts and think about his future, his future career. When he got a membership package for 1 month in July 2011, he decided to start making videos again and make a brand new return. He knew that he had to start somewhere.

Thus, soon the productions were re-named to Greenocool Productions. It was much shorter and it also went along with the name of Green's new account (Greenocool). New videos came out and new subscribers came in too. When Greenocool reached 500 subscribers, he was more than happy to tell everyone and thank them. He also started making video tutorials about recording and editing. This gave him a good reputation at the same time. His first ever professional music video was released in September 2011 as a test. It turned out pretty good and many penguins liked it.

But it wasn't until September the same year that a hater of Green finally decided to make a move. He hacked his account on September 12, 2011 and he sent a message to Green on his channel (the message was actually posted hours before the hack) claiming to be trying to hack him. The next morning Green tried logging in and when he failed, he tried to reset his password. The bad news were that his e-mail was changed, too. The hacker must have had access to his e-mail account, too! He was identifying as TheRockyKing10 and he couldn't be stopped. After a whole week of people not finding Greenocool, they started posting comments and trying to find him. Very few people actually spoke to him though and gave actual support. They were searching very hard for him... but on the wrong place.

When one month passed, Green lost hope and decided to just leave his old cGhannel alone. He had tried everything at the time. He posted a few videos on his second channel (Greenocool10CP) notifying people he's back to making videos. That sounded good, but he was actually tired of fighting once again and quit for another 7 months.

Green ProductionsEdit

The name was given right when Green managed to log in in his YouTube account. He decided to make an
Green profile pic green productions

The current Greenocool profile picture for YouTube.

announcement on his blog and via video. He immediately changed his password of course. It was April of 2012 and he continued making videos about cheats and related stuff, but soon he felt a bit bored... It was time for something else to make a change in Green's career.

And thus the name Green Productions was soon proposed because it was not only shorter, but seemed cooler in Green's opinion, too. The first ever entertaining short was released on Cinco de Mayo 2012 or on the 5th of May, 2012. It was a bit boring and the quality wasn't very good either, but some people liked it. It was only a test but Green felt that the thing he was doing was right. It felt right. It was a lot more fun that making cheats, too. A few more announcement videos were soon released, notifying penguins that Green no longer makes cheats, secrets, etc. The site of Green was actually redesigned in September the same year, so it had a new theme, an improved header and a message that said Club Penguin Entertainment! which marked the big change in the production's history of development.

The first movie Attack of the Rockhopper Penguins was also a test and it was released in 2 parts, one in May and the other in June. It had poor quality and due to some problems with the recording, it was considered a bit improfessional. The problems were cleared when the second ever movie premiered, again in 2 parts and called The Ultimate Showdown. It was the first ever HD movie and it was created in Sony Vegas Pro 8 with the help of Paint.NET at the same time. It received positive feedback and one fan video was made, so Green went on to make something bigger. Club Fruit: The Movie was released in 3 parts throughout August and September. It got more popular than the last 2 movies and it received a lot more views. It was reviewed as good by famous movie-maker Oscar One and that was partly the reason it became more popular. Green lost a bit of interest in CP after that and the school year started - he was busy and didn't have much time.

Greenocool twitter photo

Greenocool's current and official Twitter photo.

The Club Penguin Summer Olympics 2012
were started in August, but never finished. They are said to be completed somewhere in the future, but it is unknown when exactly. A contest for a coin code was also hosted by Green, but the results weren't official. Suffering from personal health issues, Greenocool disappeared from the stage in November and in December. He got the strength to wish people a Merry Christmas with a video but that was all. He finally decided to do something during the Hollywood Party 2013 in February. The short-movie The Challenge was a big hit and though it didn't get more than 200 views, it received a lot of positive feedback once again and penguins generally liked it.

Some popular entertainment videos also include The Audition which was a comedy movie divided into 2 parts. Most people liked it. The Mysterious Temple wasn't bad either. The next big movie were the Star Wars Series entitled Green's Mission and had 4 parts. They were released in August 2013.

Currently, Green Productions has made more than 7 movies that (combined) all add up to a length of 1 hour and 45 minutes. A lot more stuff are expected in the future. An interactive game has been made and a second one is expected soon. The same stands for new shows and series.

Last update of this page: August 22, 2013


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