This page is dedicated to the videos Green Productions has produced over the past 3 years, from the beginning of Green's career until the last few (recently) made videos. These 300 videos can be generally categorized into the following categories:

1. Cheat Videos

All videos associated with the secrets, tips, tricks, cheats and hacking programs are considered cheat videos. Their task is to help penguins discover new things on the island quicker, have access to stuff that they usually can't get at the moment or any time at all; or to just make the penguins' lifes better in short. Sometimes the actions taken during these type of videos are against the Club Penguin rules and may result in a ban (or permant ban) of one's penguin account. Therefore, a penguin player must decide for himself / herself whether to take risk or not.

Club Penguin Steal Clothes Glitch!01:00

Club Penguin Steal Clothes Glitch!

One of the most popular cheat videos of Greenocool ever.

2. Entertainment Videos

These videos include all movies, comedies, dramas, horrors, music videos, drawing videos or just fun interactive games. Their aim is to entertain penguins and make them laugh, cry, be angry or feel another emotion in a particular situation. These videos are mostly harmless, but sometimes they might result as a cause of psychical or emotional and mental damage. There are warning at the beginning of some of them - for inappropriate language, risk of causing seizures and the list goes on.

Club Penguin - The Challenge08:52

Club Penguin - The Challenge

Probably one of the most popular movies of Green's.

3. Contests

The category is similar to the 2nd one, but there are 3 main reasons that make it a different category, the first being the fact that it almost always requires a lot of work from the viewer himself. The second one might be the fact that there is usually a prize for the winner of a contest, while the prize for watching a comedy is the laughter you get from it; although that is not a material award. The third reason is that penguins' emotions are usually harmed during these type of contests. The penguins are racing against each other and they might get very aggressive at one point. They might fight, shout, steal videos from each other, swear or take more harmful actions in their hands. While the fights on the Net are only emotionally exhausting, sometimes they might result in a cause of physical damage in real life (for ex. a person being depressed or in a case of extreme anger).

ARP Intro For Contest (Entry)00:20

ARP Intro For Contest (Entry)

A video entry made by Green - for an intro contest.

4. Other

All other videos that don't fall in either of the 3 categories listed above, are considered to be here. These videos are neither entertaining, nor teach you how to do something, they don't even give you something in exchange when watching them or participating in something related to them.

1000 Subscribers Party Details!(OVER!!!)01:26

1000 Subscribers Party Details!(OVER!!!)

Video made by Green; inviting people to his 1000 subscribers party.

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