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Greetings and welcome to the official Greenocool Wiki homepage. This is the place where you will get to know me (or to be exact, my penguin) a lot more than you used to! I will upload pictures, videos, history and articles that some of my fans (or even random penguins) may find interesting. I hope you have fun discovering new stuff about me and my content as you browse through this wiki. I might also refer you to some other Wikias that are fairly good (or atleast in my opinion). If you're reading this, I want to thank you for your time visiting this page and would kindly ask you to support me by completing the following few things. Thank you! :D

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Information about GreenocoolEdit

At this section of my homepage you'll find out facts about my penguin profile or interesting facts about me.

  • Name: Green O'Cool McPenguin
  • Colour: Dark Green
  • Age: 800 + days
  • Born: March 5, 2011
  • Birthplace: Server Klondike
  • Died: N / A
  • Place of death: N / A
  • Friends: 400 + friends
  • Status: Single
  • Experience: Field of Video Making and Editing

My full name is actually Green O'Cool McPenguin. I was named Green by my owner in real life. The second part of the name is given to me because I was born in the Scandinavian countries and transported to Club Penguin after that (an extraordinary case actually). McPenguin happens to be my family name which I am not sure how I got. I guess a penguin is just required to have a family name by law... My owner thought that the Dark Green colour would be much more appealing for me than Lime Green or (Regular) Green. It's a much more beautiful and practical colour, according to his own words. Lime Green looks like a booger and the Green looks like spinach.

I'm not very old - I'm a bit over 800 days now, which isn't much at all. Considering there are old penguins over 2500 days and above! I had an old account that was much older. It would be like 1100 or 1200 days old at the moment. He was called Greenocool10 but he got banned forever unfortunately in March 2011. Anyway, according to my birth certificate (that I once lost and no longer have) I am said to be born on server Klondike (which I don't really believe to be true). I'm still alive and I hope that when I die, my place of death will be somewhere nice. I used to have 100 friends (not because I didn't want more, that used to be the friend limit before) but now I have more than 400 (near 500 already) of which about 60% are complete strangers, 30% ordinary strangers, 5% people I've met only once or twice, 3% friends and 2% actual friends. That's about it.

I'm still single for now (never even considered getting engaged or marrying someone). That being said, don't you even think about it ladies! I'm still too young... Plus, I'm too sexy for my shirt (and maybe pants too). That being said as well, we can move on to my so-called professional career.

I started making videos in 2010 - the first one was posted in June 2010 and the YouTube channel it was posted on was created about a month earlier. At the beginning I intended to make only cheats and videos of that sort. It took me a long time to realize that that's not really my passion. It was the Club Penguin entertainment business and I made my first actual entertaining video in May 2012. Then followed my first movie (in 2 parts), some other movies after it until the end of the year and also other entertaining videos and announcements. I wasn't very famous as a cheat maker, but I managed to reach 1000 subscribers and held a party. It was partly a fail, but I must say that looking back at time now, I feel pretty proud of actually being able to host one. I haven't been any more popular as an entertainer, but atleast I like my job better now. That's the most important thing when working, liking your job. I'm proud of what I created and reached so far!

Latest activityEdit

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