Hello everyone.Welcome to the Greenocool Wiki Homepage! This is my Wiki,where I will write everything you need to know about me and etc.Have fun exploring and looking around here.;D

Penguin InformationEdit

My penguin name is Greenocool on the virtual world Club Penguin.Some people know me like Greenocool10 from my old Club Penguin account-unfortunately it got banned but I continued doing YouTube videos using Greenocool10.

My penguin is at the age of 183 days(half year) as of September 5th.He was registered on 5th of March,2011.He will make 1 year on 5th March,2012.The first server he ever logged on was Alpine in the Snow Forts which is a very unusual place to get transfered to at a first login.

Early Days

In this section I will talk about my old account and new account later.

I made my first video on June 17.It was called Tricks in CP(using penguin storm)part 1.It was a part of a 3 video series and was very sucesfull

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